The benefits of window tinting go beyond reducing heat and glare and boosting a building’s aesthetics.

Window tinting is also a security feature since it slows down break-ins and vandalism. It also reduces the energy consumption of a building as well as prevents fading of furniture and other items from the sun’s UV rays.

The benefits go on and on, but the point is that window tinting is necessary, so you need to put the effort and thought into which one you choose.

What are the types of window tinting?

window tinting

Window films vary depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, some window films are most suited for solar control, while others focus primarily on security. Others are also designed for decorative purposes, like the Lumisty Film from Madico.

You can also rely on shades and colors to know the best option for your property. However, the most reliable method is determining your needs- security, aesthetics, sun control, etc.

Let’s see which type will match your needs.

Decorative purposes

green shade window film

Besides controlling the solar, one of the most obvious reasons for choosing a window film is to improve your property’s looks.

And if you want to elevate the aesthetics of your building, you need to select one with a distinct color or pattern.

Tinting films are bound to make your building stand out from the neighbors. It is also cost-effective and time-saving compared to painting the walls of your property.

Decorative films can instantly upgrade the presence of your building, making it more attractive even without changing its appearance.

You have many options when choosing window tinting films for decorative purposes. Decorative films are available in various materials, colors, and patterns, from layers of crushed glass to ornamental designs. Some even have security features.

For this, there are two primary options to choose from:

  • Madico Lumisty Film
  • Madico Decolite Film

Lumisty Film is an on-demand film for multiple architectural applications. The decorative film is available at A Designer Film in 3 distinct styles and a range of tints to suit your needs.

The highly impact-absorbing film can be used for both commercial and residential buildings. The vision-friendly window film blocks most UV rays while reducing visible light by up to 35%.

It is also pretty versatile; architects use it to play around with the ambiance, mood, and overall look.

This decorative window film is best for lounges, museums, hotels, restaurants, and even homes.

The Madico Decolite Film stands out because of its flexibility and versatility. It allows the use of custom patterns and translucent geometric patterns to create a fascinating look and keep out the heat.

This film will be your best pick if you love etched window designs.

Solar control

residential window tinting

Ever wonder how tinted windows can block the heat and UV rays without compromising a view? These films are highly transparent to visible light and can effectively filter out heat rays.

Solar control window films reduce energy consumption, saving you lots of money on fuel bills. It can also help reduce harmful emissions in residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

You can control the brightness level in your property through a combination of light and infrared reducing films while blocking prying eyes. These films are ideal for residential windows, where you want to adjust the lighting in the room or prevent the sun’s rays from entering.

The fact is that the level of brightness in your room can affect how well you sleep at night. It is also essential to reduce glare and heat in rooms with high-quality furniture, artwork, or valuable collections.

Different film types are available to control light, privacy, and infrared wavelengths.

Madico’s Solar Control Film effectively reduces glare and heat while allowing you to view the outside world.

Solar control window films are available in various patterns and styles for commercial and residential buildings and industrial purposes.

A Designer Film installs the Solar Control film by Madico. It blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and heat.

Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends the film as an excellent chance to reduce one’s chances of suffering the condition.

Security purposes

broken window with film

Window films have another significant responsibility: increasing your property’s safety level. Window films have a visible deterrent effect, and installing a security window film can be one less headache for property managers and homeowners.

With security window films, your property will be protected from minor accidents, like breaking glass without breaking the windows. It also protects your property from vandalism and other crimes.

Madico’s SafetyShield® 1500 Window Film is a perfect fit for properties with a high risk of break-ins, like convenience stores. This film features different layers that are tough and resistant to scratches.

The safety window film is available in various tint grades for new and existing windows.

Besides deterring burglars, the security film makes windows shatter-resistant, meaning they’ll stand up to mother nature in any form, from strong winds to earthquakes.

In case of vandalism, the film will also control the damage, leaving you with lower-than-expected repair expenses.

Lastly, Madico’s SafetyShield® 1500 window film comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for North American customers.

Other factors to consider

  • Choose a window film that is compatible with your property
  • Never use the same type of film in both exterior and interior windows
  • Use post-consumer recycled material for a more sustainable choice
  • Use a shade that blends in well with the rest of your home
  • work with a qualified professional for the installation and repair.

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